Ban The Bag

Plastic bags are a scourge for the environment and the oceans.
Join us to put an end to this pollution.
Engage your shokeeper and your community and say “no to plastic bags.”

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20 minutes is the time a plastic bag is used before it ends up in Nature. Symbol of our throw-away society,  single-use plastic bag is a scourge for the environment and the oceans. It have dramatic consequences on the environment, the fauna and flora.

Mankind is responsible for the pollution, but it is also the solution. The “Ban the bag” campaign has been therefore designed to help citizens, shopkeepers and local authorities to take action to phase-out single-use plastic bags. With the help of our local volunteers’ chapters and of citizens willing to take action, 35 cities have already engaged in our campaign as well as thousands of shopkeepers over Europe.

In 2017, for the #InternationalPlasticBagFreeDay Surfriders launches the #EnoughExcuses Campaign in order to encourage shopkeepers, public authorities and citizens to stop using plastic bags.

Check the “Enough Excuses” Video

read the “Enough Excuses”  Report

Reduce the distribution of plastic bags
I involve my shopkeeper!


Download the convention

I download and print the Surfirder’s convention for the plastic bag free shopkeeper in as many copies as shopkeepers I want to invovlve.


Engage your shopkeeper

I visit my shopkeepers and explain to them why they should also engage in the fight against single use plastic bags. I make them sign Surfrider’s Convention


Register the shopkeeper

I come back to the present webpage of and fill in the form with the information of the shopkeeper which signed the convention

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Involve my city

Thanks to your mobilisation, we already work and provide guidance to several local authorities over Europe which agreed to fight against single-use plastic bags. Help us contact your city to ask her to join this network and take an active role in our campaign !

One unique and easy action: fill in the form below, mentioning carefully the name of the local authority you want to engage in the fight against single-use plastic bags.

We will look for the contact details of your local authority and send an email inviting your local administration to join our European network of local authorities engaged in the fight against single-use plastic bags.

Have a look at the mail we will send to your local authority thanks to your mobilization.

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To go beyond (I want to meet with my local Council, I want to organise an event, etc),
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The fight against plastic bags in the world