Best wishes in 2017

The source of life and the key component of the global climate system, the ocean is more and more threatened.  Since our creation, we are working towards its protection and we won’t back off.   Thanks to you, your support and your commitment, the voice of the ocean has never been as loud as in the last few years.  Wherever we are on the earth, we all have a role to play toward the protection of the ocean.

Everywhere in Europe, our struggle against the single-use plastic bags is making progress.  France, Belgium, Germany, Italy as well as many other European cities, acted favourably towards their ban.  There is still a lot to do, but we won’t give up as gradual success is primordial in our long-term endeavour.

All the team of Surfrider Foundation Europe joins me in wishing you a Happy New Year, and that in 2017 our passion stays our strength towards our commitment!

Gilles Asenjo
Surfrider Foundation Europe President

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