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An educational and entertaining media tool tackling the issue of sustainable development in a creative, accessible way. The aim of this kit, intended for use both in and outside of school, is to raise young people’s awareness about the environment and to teach them to be good eco-citizens.


Culture scientifique et esprit décalé sont les deux ingrédients qui font pétiller ces deux fictions informatives.

En utilisant les registres de l’humour et les codes d’un jeune public exigeant, le but est d’apporter aux écoliers et collégiens des éléments de connaissance et des solutions pour agir.

But Who Killed The Turtle?
Duration : 28 minutes

Theme : The impact of macro-waste on biodiversity

Synopsis :
Two private detectives conduct an enquiry into the death of a turtle found on a beach in Europe. They discover that the turtle suffocated after consuming an item of human rubbish and decide to follow the trail of macro-waste to find out who was responsible for this ocean pollution.


Be Ocean Cool !

Duration : 20 minutes

Theme : Global warming

Synopsis :
A young man, concerned about environmental protection, tries with the help of his friends to convince his surfer girlfriend that we each have a responsibility for global warming and explains what we can do to reduce its impact.


Themes: sorting and recycling waste, ecological impact, the beauty of coastal environments, eco-friendly actions.

  • Waste Sorting Game :
    Teaches players how to sort their waste correctly so that it may be recycled.
  • Clim’Act game :
    Teaches players how to measure and reduce their negative impact on climate change.
  • Photo Slideshow :
    Presents the beauty and fragility of coastal environments.
  • Tomy’s Bedroom :
    Explains the most important steps we can take to “go green” at home.