Ocean Report

Ocean pollution is everybody’s business. Every one of us is both responsible for and affected by marine pollution. Ocean Report helps to better understand the threats jeopardising our oceans and how to take action against them.

4 Reports + Bonus

Watching this DVD, you will dive in to find out about water quality, follow the mad race of marine litter, navigate in the wake of maritime transport, take coastal walks to understand the challenges of coastal development and appreciate the beauty of our natural heritage and our waves.

  • Careful Don’t Drink This Glass… Topic : Water quality and Health (12 min)

  • It’s Overflowing, The Sea Is Full Topic : Marine Litter (11 min)

  • The Ocean Taken For A Ride Topic : Maritime Transport Pollution (10 min)

  • The Coast: Make-up Applied By Trowel Topic : Artificial Coastal Development and Coastal Heritage (11 min)