Our Demands

  • We plan for effective strategies that target pollution affecting the quality of coastline waters, encompassing a broad range of water quality indicators not limited to bacteriological pollutants (hydrocarbons, waste, physico-chemical pollutants are not legally taken in account under the current monitoring program).
  • We need a comprehensive water quality monitoring program to ensure safe coastline waters for both bathers and practitioners of water sports.
  • We demand greater access, transparency and accountability with regards to documenting and disseminating information for the general public about the quality of the water.

We do not want a heavy-handed regulatory approach that bans everything. We do not want decision-makers to simply restrict access to beaches. Instead, we want the problems of pollution to be addressed at their source(s) in a way that engages the community, stakeholders and the decision-makers that exemplifies the highest standards of information gathering and sharing to ensure all participants are fully aware of all risks involved.