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Local chapters

Across Europe, our volunteers are involved in loads of different ways... hosting awareness events at schools, attending local meetings and events, reporting pollution and appealing against coastal construction developments.

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Laboratories and watermen tester

The quality of our bathing water is more and more under threat, Surfrider Foundation Europe is putting in place action plans to provide users of the Coastline with better information and also to ensure that watersports enthusiasts are not forgotten.

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Keepers of the coast

Surfrider fight against all sorts of attacks to the European Coastline including those caused by pollution, erosion as well as irresponsible construction. Give us information on the coastline next to your place, and Surfrider Foundation Europe will support you through its « Keepers of the Coasts » program.

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Distribution of your donations

  • 28% - Action for the protection of the environment and mobilization / training volunteers
  • 27% - Environmental Education
  • 24% - Communication and raising awareness on environmental issues
  • 10% - Costs of Raising Funds From The General Public
  • 9% - Organizational Operating Costs
  • 2% - Resuet;

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