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Initiatives océanes : ramassons les déchets avant que la mer ne s’en charge

Du 16 au 19 mars, Surfrider célèbre la 23ème édition des Initiatives Océanes (IO). Nous espérons vous voir toujours plus nombreux sur nos plages pour éviter de les voir se transformer en décharges à ciel ouvert et protéger nos océans. Participer aux IO est un jeu d’enfant : et si vous vous lanciez cette année ?

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Top 10 of initiatives against plastic bags

Here, we selected 10 of best practices in Europe and around the world for you.

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Plastic: fast-food of the Ocean

So far, researches focused on the amount of plastic present in the Ocean, but a Swedish study now shows that this scourge is impacting the Baltic Sea fish both at behavioural and physical levels. According to the findings, fishes would become smaller and more stupid. Once again, these alarming results prove that we need to keep on our fight against aquatic waste.

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Acting for climate, is acting for today and tomorrow

Paris agreement limits the temperature increase to 2°C and it is not a random number. Beyond this threshold, the climate would drastically change with extreme consequences. However, keeping temperatures at a safe level seems utopian unless we take immediate corrective actions. Zoom on a scenario similar to a disaster movie from Hollywood - except that here, we are the hero!

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To reduce our waste, let’s make our own household products

Savez-vous que la quantité de déchets ménagers par personne a été multiplié par deux en 40 ans, et atteint désormais une moyenne de 450 kg par an (soit plus d'1 kg par jour) ? Si vous souhaitez donc diminuer l'impact écologique de votre quotidien, une solution de choix s'offre à vous : fabriquer ses produits ménagers.

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To fight against micro-plastics, let’s make our own cosmetics

Are you tired of looking up the composition of products before buying them? Finding stuff which are at the same time good for your health and for the environment with acceptable prices is maybe too hard? Stop looking! This article is filled with nice tips precisely for you!