From the stream to the ocean with Surfrider Caravans!

Surfrider Caravans is an environmental educational program started by Surfrider in 2014. Surfrider crew raises awareness among the citizens about environmental protection from the source of European rivers to their mouths. Meet us on March 26th for the first stop of the Seine river Caravan!


An adventurous & educational program on the environment

Every year, about 8 million ton of litter ends up in the ocean. 80% of this litter comes from inland. It finds its way into the river from upstream cities or villages, or escapes from garbage collection plants. Travelling all the way downstream, the litter eventually ends up in the oceans. The consequence: by obstructing the bottom of riverways and ocean or by integrating the food chain, marine litter affects biodiversity as well as the entire seaside ecosystem.

The educational programme of Surfrider Caravans is a unique tool that has been developed by Surfrider in order to raise awareness among citizens about local marine litter issues. The programme of all the different caravans includes: conferences, litter collection activities organised with the Ocean Initiatives programme, exhibitions, as well as various educational activities. Because the programme is non-sedentary, it allows a unique collaboration with different local actors all along the journey as well as an approach aimed at dealing with on various local territorial issues.

bannertwitterIn 2017, Surfrider rigs out 4 different Caravans in Europe

For the 2017 edition of Surfrider Caravans, 4 different caravans will sail through Europe. There will be one caravan going along the Seine river (North-West, France), another one going along the Garonne river (South-West, France), one in Valencia (South, Spain) and a fourth one in Hamburg (Germany). The first Caravan to weigh its anchor will be the Seine Caravan. It will set sail on March 26th on the Canal Saint Martin, in Paris. The Seine Caravan will end its journey at the city of Le Havre (West, France) on June 8th and 9th. These two last days will also be an opportunity to celebrate World Oceans Day with a public conference called “Marine Litter: from the oil drop to the plate”.

It should be noted that on June 8th, a highlight will be offered by each Caravan to celebrate the World Oceans Day. This festive day will also be the opportunity to pay tribute to all the volunteers mobilised for the event.
From inland to the oceans, let’s all stand in the way of the marine litter swell with Surfrider Caravans.

For more in depth information about the detailed program of each Caravan, take a look to our agenda:

Traduction : Léa Daulan