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Nos dernières actions en faveur des océans et du littoral

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Keepers of the coast: quick review of 3 ongoing fights

With the Keepers of the Coast program, citizens are taking action to preserve the coastline. Surfrider frequently gives you the opportunity to review Keepers of the Coasts’ current battles. From French Vendée to Peniche, Portugal, including Doughmore bay, Ireland, we shall review 3 battles we haven’t yet heard the last of.

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From the stream to the ocean with Surfrider Caravans!

Surfrider Caravans is an environmental educational programme started by Surfrider in 2014. Surfrider crew raises awareness among the citizens about environmental protection from the source of European rivers to their mouths. Meet us on March 26th in Paris for the first stop of the Seine river Caravan!

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Bioplastics, a real false solution for the future!

As a part of its plastic strategy, the European Commission supports bioplastics. Introduced as a up-and-coming […]

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Environmental Report 2016: find out all the data about marine pollution

The most collected litter, the most random litter, the amount of litter on purpose, the most polluting activities and more… Every year, the Ocean Initiatives allow Surfrider to study the evolution of marine pollution and its origins. Last but not least, they allow us to raise awareness among citizens about this terrible environmental issue.

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09. Saturday February 18th 12.20

Beat the Microbead : together against plastic microbeads in cosmetics!

Within a coalition of 50 associations the “Beat the Microbeads” collective, including Surfrider Foundation Europe, takes constant action against microbeads in cosmetic products. From February 14th to February 20th, share our tweets and raise awareness on this environmental disaster!

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Ocean Initiatives: let’s pick up our marine litter before the ocean takes care of it

From March 16th, Surfrider organises the 23rd edition of the Ocean Initiatives (OI). Like every year, […]

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European roadmap on plastics: between good intentions and bad solutions

The European Commission published yesterday its roadmap setting out its objectives on the issue of plastics. In particular, it intends to reduce "the leakage of plastics into the environment". Unfortunately, if we welcome the intention, we can only be critical of the solutions proposed.

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Best wishes in 2017

In 2017, keep turning passion into action !

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The Paris Agreement, one year later

One year ago, we were living in a turning point of history with the adoption of the Paris Agreement at the end of the COP21. It was a turning point in history because it enabled countries to reach an agreement together which wasn’t an easy task.