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Nos dernières actions en faveur des océans et du littoral

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This summer, Surfrider challenges you to detox your holidays. During the month of July, Surfrider will meet holidaymakers on the beach with different events and also on the web with the challenge #OceanDetox, to raise awareness about 5 simple actions. Check out the detailed calendar of the challenge and share your vision of your #OceanDetox every week. Ready to try together?

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Surfrider Foundation and Peter Harper are teaming in favour of the oceans on the “Fete de la Musique”

As a new ambassador for oceans, Peter Harper, artist and surfer, is teaming with Surfrider to design an original tee shirt. This tshirt connects both Surfrider’s universe and the artist’s music. For the Fete de la Musique (Music Day), discover an exclusive interview about his relationship with art and ocean. Let’s focus on this musician’s commitment straight from California.

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Liu Bolin, the chameleon artist who disappeared for the oceans

Surfrider Foundation Europe received at its Biarritz premises the artist Liu Bolin on Sunday June 11th and Monday June 12th for a very unique performance. Activist for the oceans and the environment, the Chinese artist disappeared in live streaming over a waste wall carried out with the participation of pupils of a school and high school of Biarritz.

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World Oceans Day: let’s take action with the Surfrider Caravans!

For the World Oceans Day, this Thursday 8th of June, Surfrider Foundation Europe proposes to you to discover the concrete actions organized by the Educational Caravans to fight against marine litter and more particularly against plastic bottles pollution. An ideal timing to do a summary of this educational program and to thank the many volunteers who have committed themselves to the oceans.

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Reset Your Habits: to counter plastic bottles pollution, let’s change our habits!

After the plastic bag, Surfrider is on to fight a new oceans and rivers serial-litter: the […]

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European Commission takes a stand for the ocean by organizing an Ocean Initiative with Surfrider

In preparation for the #OurOcean conference to be held in Malta on 5 and 6 October, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries organized a beach cleanup in Belgium to retrieve waste from the North Sea next to Surfrider.

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Keepers of the coast: quick review of 3 ongoing fights

With the Keepers of the Coast program, citizens are taking action to preserve the coastline. Surfrider frequently gives you the opportunity to review Keepers of the Coasts’ current battles. From French Vendée to Peniche, Portugal, including Doughmore bay, Ireland, we shall review 3 battles we haven’t yet heard the last of.

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From the stream to the ocean with Surfrider Caravans!

Surfrider Caravans is an environmental educational programme started by Surfrider in 2014. Surfrider crew raises awareness among the citizens about environmental protection from the source of European rivers to their mouths. Meet us on March 26th in Paris for the first stop of the Seine river Caravan!

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Bioplastics, a real false solution for the future!

As a part of its plastic strategy, the European Commission supports bioplastics. Introduced as a up-and-coming […]