Ocean Initiatives: let’s pick up our marine litter before the ocean takes care of it

From March 16th, Surfrider organises the 23rd edition of the Ocean Initiatives (OI). Like every year, we hope that you will join us more and more in collecting the litter on our beaches to prevent them from becoming rubbish sites. Taking part in the OI is very easy. This year it’s your turn!

Participate in the Ocean Initiatives

You may know us thanks to the OI. They are at the heart of our fight for the oceans since 1995. The principle of this flagship campaign is as follows: throughout the year, citizens from everywhere in Europe get together on the littorals or along riversides to lead some litter collecting operations. Those operations directly contribute to Surfrider research projects.

Why should you take part? Because you will improve your own living environment and you will make your own contribution to Surfrider’s work. In addition, the ocean initiatives are a friendly moment. There is an opportunity for you to meet people and have vivid exchanges about the protection of the environment.


Join a collection that’s already organised: click and take part!

Look up on the official website of the Ocean Initiatives and find a collection organised near your house. Once you find it, one more click and you’re registered!

No collection organised near your house? Organise one yourself!

To become an organiser, you just have to pick a date and place that suits you and fill in a form on the official website of the Ocean Initiatives.

You will then receive the organiser-kit (you can chose a classic version or a personalised one according your specific needs) in which you will find all the tools you will need to successfully organise your own collection. The tools available in this kit :

  • Bags for the cleanup
  • Gloves
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • An education banner to show throughout the collection
  • A Klean Kanteen flask

Tip: This year, your participants will be able to participate to a giveaway thanks to a QRcode printed on the postcards.

Once you have filled the form, your Ocean Initiatives will appear next to all the other cleanups taking place in 2017. You will be able to share on your Social Medias directly from the OI website.The more you will share it, the more you will get participants !

Check-up time

Are you an organiser? At the end of the collection, don’t forget to fill in the final document that will allow us to keep our data up to date and establish a follow-up on the type of litter collected during the OI. Your contribution through this document is essential and will allow you to take part in a unique program of participative science at the European level.

Now it’s time for your move!

Initiatives Océanes 6

Traduction : Léa Daulan