Financial Transparency

Every year Surfrider strives to be more transparent and to make administrative and financial reports as clearer as possible for its members.

How are our financial resources used ?

The following documents are available, you can download them below :

Organisation Statutes

Financial Reports

Use of Funds Statements

2017 Annual Report

25 years of citizen mobilisation, fighting ocean polluters, and containing the damage inflicted by human activity on the oceans and the coastlines. We owe the victories that have marked our journey to our volunteers, our staff, our partners, members, supporters, and activists. Over the years, they have developed our environmental expertise, they have put into place innovative educational measures, and they have carried our political advocacy. They have created the levers which today constitute the pillars of our organisation’s legitimacy and credibility. The year 2017 was once again a terrific example of their continuous commitment, and in this report, you will find an account of the main actions that have marked this anniversary year.


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