Just like any other not-for profit organisations, Surfrider Foundation Europe’s structure strongly relies on the involvement of its volunteers. Represented by a Board of Directors whose decisions are undertaken by full-time and part-time staff members, the organisation also trusts in its network of volunteers to carry out its actions on a daily basis.

Surfrider’s Chairman Gilles Asenjo sums up below the governance model

« The Board of Directors who worked alongside the executive team in the early years can today fully commit to its first mission, which is to change the organisation’s strategy and political vision. Our staff developed great expertise as we progressively evolved. Our responsibility is stronger today, our vigilance must be ongoing as both our members’ and supporters’ expectations are valuable and worthy of the stakes we are facing today as a society. »

The Members’ General Assembly

Surfrider’s members are the root of the organisation: they provide legitimacy and power. By becoming Surfrider members, they financially support its action and raise their voices and demands. Every subscription also gives the organisation further influence during negotiations with political representations. Meeting every year for the General Assembly, Surfrider’s members elect the Board of Directors and decide on the organisation’s broad guidelines. At present, Surfrider counts almost 10,500 members all across Europe.

A European network of volunteers

Volunteers’ networks are Surfrider’s wealth and the purpose for which it exists. When they actively run local chapters of volunteers or when they participate in Surfrider’s environmental campaigns, they constitute the organisation’s force on the ground and ensure that its various programmes are conveyed at local level: awareness and education, local partnerships…. To date 1,700 volunteers are daily involved: they are spread over 29 local chapters in 9 European countries.

Board of Directors

Surfrider’s Board of Directors is composed of 12 statutory seats for 10 Board members who are today in office. The Board is the guarantor of both the organisation’s policy and strategy and appoints the executive team to run work programmes.

Board members :

  • Gilles Asenjo, Chairman
  • Jacques Beall, Vice-Chairman
  • Jean-Louis Rodriguez, Treasurer
  • Benoit Dandine, General Secretary
  • Board members : Marc Berard, Jean-Marc Dubois, Pierre Larralde, Romain Quesada, Frank Reef, Olivier Maigret.

 Executive Team

The Executive Team is appointed by the Board of Directors to implement the organisation’s strategy and its work programmes. It relies on a team of full-time and part-time staff members divided into 5 departments :

Environment & Lobby

Strengthen the organisation’s expertise especially through research work and data collection


Ensure the development of volunteer networks and support of local actions


Create and distribute educational materials, ensure Surfrider’s attendance on key awareness-raising operations

Development and Communications

Communicate to the general public and Surfrider’s members. Develop our actions’ funding thanks to citizen generosity or partnerships


Ensure the organisation’s administrative management