Educate citizens

Since its creation, Surfrider strongly believes in education and teaching methods to go through environmental, economic and social changes accordingly. Thus, to fully participate in this responsible and citizen ecological transition, the not-for-profit organisation has been implementing innovative programmes in education for sustainable development, striving for one goal: to allow everyone to gain a better understanding of the complexity of current environmental issues so that we all become active participants for change.

The environmental challenges we are facing are tremendous. To meet them, each and every one of us – citizens, local representatives, employees, students – must contribute to the evolution of behaviours and practices. Throughout its actions, Surfrider targets every public whether they be school children, employees, organisation members or members of the same family.

We all are agents of change

Participatory methods, innovative tools

Education for sustainable development has always been Surfrider’s core action. It has gained true expertise in implementing sustainability teaching programmes.

By using participatory and innovative teaching methods, Surfrider promotes the acquisition of relevant skills and allows learners to develop critical thinking. Changing citizen behaviours and turning them into real actors for sustainability, this is Surfrider’s purpose.

Free resources for the teaching profession

To Surfrider knowledge is a right that everyone should have access to. This is why we offer a wide range of free educational materials for teachers, which are age-appropriate for every school and after-school bodies, from primary to high school. Those resources aim at improving the learning process on sustainable development issues, making it fun for both students and teachers. Pupils then become active participants of their own education whilst teachers manage their production using, modifying or combining resources as they please, according to the targeted educational purpose.

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Certified training

Since 2009 Surfrider is registered as a French certified training organisation. Along the lines of developing new teaching materials, the association has indeed acquired know-how and strong skills in terms of professional training. The courses we offer are delivered to a large audience (companies, local authorities, sports clubs, teachers, volunteers, etc.), either on site, or in « live-streaming ».

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