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outside sailing for change

Sailing for change : a zero waste world tour

OUTSIDE #3 Sailing For Change is a zero waste world tour on a sailboat. The main objective is to raise public awareness on the problem of waste and to present the existing solutions.

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Reduce your environmental footprint in surftrip

As surfers, an overview of the actions we can take in surfrip to preserve the quality of the water and the environment.

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récifs coralliens

Coral reefs, a source of life threatened

Coral reefs are the guarantee of a healthy ocean, smooth functioning of marine ecosystems and protection of the coastline. However coral survival is threatened by the build-up of factors.

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World oceans day

World Oceans Day : actions all year long

For the Wold Oceans day, Surfrider will take you around the wide range of cions carried out by its local branches all long year. Every one of the mis committed in protecting the oceans and their users.

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marine renewable energy projetc

Sergio : an engaged volunteer in marine renewable energy

Inside# 2 Sergio decided to act for sustainable production patterns, part of the energy transition. Volunteer and responsible of the branch Aude , he decided to mobilize for the marine renewable energy.

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sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism : an emergency for the planet

Uncontrolled mass tourism causes strong environmental damages. In order to travel more sustainably and to reduce our environmental footprint, eco-tourism looks like the best path to take.