Water canteens are not only good for the environment, they are also more economical and a better option for your health! And these are only a few good reasons among many others… Forget plastic bottles, we show you the top 10 reasons why you should replace them by a reusable bottle!

Challenge accepted canteen

When telling you that reusable bottles are powerful companions, we have some good arguments to prove it. You should adopt one really quick because…

  • You will be a super eco-hero

You are probably wondering how a water canteen can be ecological. How a stainless steel object can respect the environment? It is because a canteen are reusable. While the average European citizen consumes 73 water bottles of 1.5 liters per year, a single reusable bottle is enough to reduce the production and downstream treatment of these plastic containers. The consumption of plastic water bottles has reached 200 billions worldwide. An unnecessary emission of greenhouse gases, if the majority of us used a canteen.

  • You will stop wasting money

“Economical? They cost 10 to 30 euros!” you might tell us. However, you should be aware, that mineral water is 100 to 300 times more expensive than tap water. If you are used to buying water bottle, buying a canteen would save you several hundreds of euros per year. In the end, buying plastic bottles regularly costs you more than buying one single canteen. So save your money and invest it in a safer value!

The Mask gourde

  • You will be unique in your style

There is one for every style! Drinking bottles are characterized by their diversity. For children or adults, little or big thirst, with flashy colors or dark ones, they are made of glass or aluminium… There is a huge variety of reusable containers which may be personalized with no limits. And, if isolated or equipped with a filter, the bottle will be suitable fo all your drinks. Use a bottle that represents you!

  • You will extend your life expectancy

Buying a single-use plastic bottle may be “easier“ for you, but you will also make it easier for diseases to grow. Plastic bottles are made of PET, a material which is supposed to be harmful to health. Water canteens in comparison are designed to be reusable. Some are made of aluminium, others of stainless steel. It’s true that aluminium contains a toxic component: BPA. So make sure that the interior of the bottle is covered by a layer which is not dangerous to health. Stainless steel itself doesn’t need such a cover, as it is considered quite safe. Your health is in your own hands!

Game Of Thrones Gourde

  • You can fill it up (almost) everywhere

“You cannot refill the drinking bottle when you’re outside.“ THAT’S WRONG! Haven’t you seen the water fountains in your city, in parks or at the beach? You may refill your drinking bottle in numerous places. Obviously, if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, fountains may be hard to find … In order to find water fountains around you, you may consult the map EauPotable.info. This collaborative map shows all water fountains in the world and even provides pictures and information on the quality of water distributed. You have no more excuses for not walking around with a drinking bottle.
Said this, just to let you know: there are even cold ones, allowing you to survive blazing heat at the beach.

  • You will take out the garbage less frequently

Of course, we are not refering to the general waste bin, but the yellow or green ones (according to the material). Most of water canteens can by recycled. Ok, plastic bottles are also recyclable you might say, but their downstream treatment is insufficient. Only 59% of the bottles bought in the European market are gathered for recycling. So prefer the reusable bottle in order to recycle it later!

poubelle gourde

  • You will respect traditions

As the European headquarter of Surfrider is located in Biarritz, we cannot miss a hint on Basque traditions, as Basque shepherds have been using drinking bottles for ages. It is a somehow a very particular canteen, as it is a specific one, called “zahato” in Basque, made from goat skin. Not very vegan though, but it has the advantage of being made of a natural material and of course, reusable.
Zahato gourde

  • Your kids are going to love it!

The little ones also have a right to their own drinking bottle. Small, colored, good for their health and with a safety cap, they will find their luck without trouble. Plus, you can find them in plenty of shops around you. If your kids are over-stimulated in shops (!) you may still order online them on the internet. But mind your carbon impact!

Now, they only need to learn how to drink themselves from a water fountain…

Enfant eau gourde

  • It’s not gonna let you down easily!

Whether sporty, clumsy or daredevil, you could take your drinking bottle anywhere. It is completely shock-resistant! If you have experienced a water bottles crack in your bag, you probably know the mess…Wallet, papers and your afternoon snack… it’s never so good when soaked… The same outside, you may want to keep your bottle no matter your activities. Canteen, canteen, canteen! The indispensable object!

  • You will mount more easily than a IKEA #GLOURSKDE

The “Glourskde“ is composed of nothing but a container and a cap. First, place the cap on top of the container. Then, screw it in with the mere power of your arms. You may ask another person for help to hold the container, in order to avoid any accident. Furthermore, it is important to retire your fingers during the screwing process. You never know what could happen…

You are now ready to drink!
IKEA gourde


Writing : Nahia Farmer

Translation : Patricia Kastner

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