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Nos dernières actions en faveur des océans et du littoral

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Surfrider publishes its White Paper for a plastic bottle-free ocean

La bouteille en plastique, objet de grande consommation, est conçue pour un usage unique le temps de vider son contenu. Utilisée quotidiennement, et principalement en extérieur, la bouteille en plastique se retrouve bien souvent dans l'environnement, où elle devient un véritable prédateur.

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com europe

Plastics strategy: Is the European Union ambitious enough?

The Plastics Strategy of the European Commission, long awaited for, many times postponed, has finally been published. It is an action plan aiming at rethinking our use of plastic, and at tackling plastic pollution, especially its impact on the marine environment. Is it up to the challenge that represents the pollution of our rivers, coastlines and ocean? Surfrider reviews the situation.

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One Planet Summit: The awakening of States about maritime transport

In Paris opens today the One Planet Summit. This universal event for the climate gathers around 2 000 key players: heads of state, politicians, economists and public figures. Surfrider Foundation Europe struggles since many years to point out the importance of maritime transport in the fight against climate change. Today, the international community finally takes it into account!

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Real plague on our beaches, in our rivers and our oceans, the single-use plastic bottle is not a solution, even when traveling. To go from plastic bottles to reusable containers, Surfrider presents through an original tour of Europe to discover water fountains and positive initiatives to no longer get thirsty.

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#OurOcean : Surfrider acting for ocean protection

Surfrider Foundation Europe will be presenting and defending 3 of its commitments at the October 5 & 6 “ Our Ocean” conference organized by the European Commission in Malta. Featuring, conferences and debates about ocean protection and conservation. European and world change representatives and stakeholders will be present -Governments, NGOs, businesses, civil society- to implement immediate actions for marine protection.

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Maritime transport: significant progress, Surfrider is at the forefront

The 71st session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) was held from the 3rd until the 7th of July. During these sessions, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) aims to fulfill its mission to protect the oceans, human health and reduce climate change. Surfrider is mobilizing to create a European label.

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Climate disasters : the impact of global warming

While Hurricane Irma is currently over the Caribbean , Surfrider Foundation Europe would like to focus again on the link between climate disruption and these meteorological phenomena. Surfrider Foundation Europe is an official partner of Al Gore’s new movie on climate change: “an inconvenient sequel: truth to power” to be released on September 27.

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Keepers of the Coast : 3 battles to follow closely

With the Keepers of the Coast program, motivated volunteers are concretely committing to ocean and coastal conservation. Surfrider frequently gives you the opportunity to follow our current Keepers of the Coast battles. From Dollemard to Biarritz, including Capbreton, overview of battles which require Surfrider’s attention regarding environmental risks and conflicts of use.

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Beach Tour

Beach Tour Challenge Best of : a selection of eco-actions you can do during your holidays

The month of July 2017 was marked by the organization of the Beach Tour in France. From Cannes to Arcachon, a team of Surfrider went to meet the holiday makers to make them aware of 5 eco-friendly actions! The event was also happening on social networks with #OceanDetox! Let’s look back on this great mission of the oceans and coastline’s protection.