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Nos dernières actions en faveur des océans et du littoral

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Surfrider Coastal Defenders, all stakeholders in ocean and coastal conservation

Surfrider Coastal Defenders, new name, new website, but the same drive and determination in the fight for clean water and healthy beaches.

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Possible decision to establish an Emission Control Area in the Mediterranean in 2022

On January 18, during an official meeting between various maritime transport stakeholders in the Mediterranean, the French government has reasserted its decision to establish an Emission Control Area (ECA) by 2022.

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Surfrider remains mobilized against the marina project in Bretignolles-sur-Mer

The municipalities of Pays de St-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie went back on Bretignolles-sur-Mer’s marina project and submitted it again to a preliminary public concertation.

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Plage de déchets

A day to remember in the fight against plastic pollution

In the early hours of Wednesday the 19th of December, (after 6 months of discussions and a final long night of negotiations) the European Union reached a landmark agreement to tackle plastic pollution in our rivers, beaches and ocean.

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plastic bottle

Good practices against plastic bottles

Urban areas such as cities and metropolises have an important role to play in reducing plastic pollution, specifically that from plastic bottles.These items that we see laying on the sidewalks, in gutters and along the sides of roads get swept up in streams of runoff, entering the water column mostly through sewers, and eventually dump into the ocean.

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Ostreopsis Ovata : a micro alga under high surveillance in Mediterranean

In recent years, a phenomenon of appearance and proliferation of an alga called Ostreopsis ovata has appeared in the Mediterranean. This microalga can be toxic and have adverse effects on both the environment and human health. To raise awareness on the presence of this alga, Surfrider is getting involved in Mediterranean to monitor the evolution of its presence, and initiate preventive and informative measures.

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Alteo case: Derogation reduction and a reinforcement of controls

On July 20th, the Marseille Administrative Court delivered its verdict concerning the Alteo plant's derogation from pollution standards and its toxic discharges into the Mediterranean sea. Representing a remarkable victory after a 10-year effort for the Surfrider team and the Keepers of the Coast program against Alteo, the world leader of the production of aluminas.

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lutte bouteille plastique

Surfrider calls out to cities in its fight against plastic bottles

Absolute blight, 5 to 13 millions tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year. Even though the European Union has just presented new measures to reduce single-used plastics, Surfrider Foundation Europe calls out European cities to act for the reduction of pollution due to plastic bottles.

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plateforme consultation voice

2019 European elections: let’s make the ocean’s voice heard!

Placing the oceans at the heart of the manifestos for the upcoming European elections is Surfrider Foundation Europe's new challenge through the Voice for the Ocean campaign.