European Union State members alone are accountable for 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases emissions. With this observation in mind Surfrider has inducted awareness-raising and educational programmes since its creation in 1990, to encourage citizens to reduce their carbon footprint individually and to highlight the issues related to ocean acidification, through the content of such programmes.

Participate, understand and inform on climate issues

  • Participate in the implementation of the EU « Climate and Energy » package ;
  • Provide scientific data and expertise on climate change impacts on water and the coastline in order to better understand the consequences and submit modelling proposals to ease the decision-making process ;
  • Inform by sharing this knowledge and by raising awareness among both the general public and policy-makers on climate change issues and their consequences, through engaging programmes. Our objective is to contribute to behavioural change and ensure that the overall consequences of production and consumption have a lower impact on the environment.


Tempête plage

The coastline, the first to be affected by climate change

Act on each stage of the accountability chain

Surfrider acts on the « Climate Change » issue at both local and European levels.

For instance, at local level, a State Region plan contract for 2014-2020 in Aquitaine (France) has been drafted by Surfrider to anticipate risks and adaptation related to climate change by assisting coastal territories subject to erosion/coastal flooding risks. Surfrider wishes to contribute in providing people of the Aquitaine Region with information on those hazards ; fostering territorial cooperation and dialogue between stakeholders and citizens on such issues ; taking part in projects to counter erosion, etc.

To set another example, Surfrider participates in the development of a common European strategy for the COP 21 climate change negotiations that will take place in France in 2015. The organisation intends to engage its historical networks at local, regional, European and international levels. Coordinating the execution of such action will be its main purpose : monitoring at European level measures and commitments undertaken within the framework of its participation to the French national conference on Ecological Transition in 2013, providing communications on those issues to the young public through awareness-raising activities, supporting and promoting Surfrider’s recommendations to the French Ministry for Environment and Sustainable Development, and in particular to its inter European section in connection with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.

Those issues are addressed in the 5 environmental programmes of Surfrider : Coastal Development, Marine Litter, Maritime Transport, Water Quality & Health, Heritage & Wave.