Pauline Ado commits to oceans’ protection alongside Surfrider

Pauline Ado, current ISA surf World champion, decided to get involved alongside Surfrider Foundation Europe. As the association’s ambassador, Pauline will take part in actions amongst water sport lovers, raising awareness on the urgent need to protect the ocean.

Native of the Basque Country, Pauline Ado was raised by the ocean. From an early age, she was made aware of both the ocean’s beauty and fragilty. Now professonnal surfer, Pauline has decided to use her visibilty to help Surfrider in its actions. The aim? Raising awareness on the stakes of oceans’ protection on as many people as possible. « My first memories with Surfrider were, when I was a child, collecting trash on the beaches with my surfclub. Today I have the opportunity to travel to many beautiful places. Unfirtunately, I often witness pollutions. If, as a pro surfer, I manage to make only one person aware, it would already be a victory and a way to contribute to the change. This is what compelled me to join Surfrider. »


Pauline Ado à Honolua ©RiBLANC

Created in 1990 by surfers willing to protect their playground, today, Surfrider Foundation Europe is adressing all citizens who want to take actions in favour of the ocean’s protection. Nevertheless, the NGO keeps a priviledged link with the surfing community. For Gilles Asenjo, Surfrider Foundation Europe’s president, « if we do not take action, surfing, as well as many other water sports, will be threatened with time. Massive pollution with an impact on health, loss of waves, beach closure, risks are various.  Beyond the exciting and the committed part of this sport, surfing also include watching and better understanding the ocean and its evolution. Surfers are whistleblowers  who are able to take action to help improving behaviours. Collaborating with Pauline, one of the best surfers in the world, is a great opportunity for Surfrider to enlarge its wake-up call amongst all surfers. 

Next events will take place in the following weeks for the first common actions.

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