Reset your habits

Surfrider is mobilizing against plastic bottles, the “serial polluter” in the top 10 of items of waste collected on beaches every year during Ocean Initiatives. Come along for a plastic-bottle-free European tour on a water fountain discovery trip!



Reset Your Habits

Towards reusable bottles!

At least, 20 000 plastic bottles are collected every year by Surfrider during the Ocean Initiatives. They take betweet 100 to 1000 years to degrade in the environment. The pollution arising from these bottles is a major, lasting nuisance for ecosystems, fauna and flora.

Convinced that Eco responsible behavior depends on the promotion of viable alternatives, Surfrider invites citizens to use a water-carrier instead of a bottle and use water fountains provided by local authorities. Surfrider also challenges local authorities and European institutions to promote reusable containers and facilitate free access to drinking water fountains. We are calling for the abolition of single-use bottles and, where it is necessary, also for the improvement of retreatment and reuse of plastic bottles.



Your European tour with Surfrider

Take your backpack, a good pair of shoes, and whatever you do, don’t forget your water-carrier! Come along for a European tour like no other. We’re taking you on a water fountain discovery trip across Europe, with positive initiatives to promote access to drinking water points. Just click on one of the countries on the map below for further information.

Be part of the Surfrider European tour:

3 good reasons for using the fountains


I take part in the fight against plastic

Buying a bottle of water on a street corner when you don’t know the town often seems the simplest solution, but it’s far from the most ecological! In fact, it’s a temporary solution because you’ll need to buy another one as soon as it’s finished, and find a special recycling bin. 1 water-carrier + 1 water fountain map and you’re ready to go!


I save money

On a business or holiday trip, we tend to drink a lot of water, what with our travel movements, physical activities and often high temperatures, dependent on the destination. You can easily drink several liters per person per day. With your water-carrier, no more need to buy dozens of plastic bottles, so use the money you save for an extra treat or a meal in a local restaurant!


I’m never without water

Whatever the town, when you have the right information it’s easy to find fountains or drinking water points. If you stop for a coffee or a drink, ask if you can refill your water canteen!


Changing behavior at every level!

Citizens, industrials and politicians… Every stakeholder has the opportunity to make the right choices and to prefer reusable materials that do not depend on fossil energies. Since the answer is not to go for the wrong solutions for the future, such as bioplastics, either, Surfrider remains watchul about the suggested solutions, and prefers retreatment and reuse for a circular economy that respects the environment.



And what if the water carrier became a part of our daily life? Let’s change our habits as citizens, at home, at work, on holiday… Let’s get rid of our plastic bottles and use water canteens!



Industrials must deliberately undertake to reduce single-use packaging and prefer larger volumes, by developing reusable materials and alternatives. Surfrider will put pressure to bear to promote these options within the European Union.



The public authorities must also become aware of the problem and give preference to the recovery of plastic waste. They should raise the public’s awareness about alternatives (advice, sorting, water bottles …) and introduce water fountains in public areas.


Reduce, reuse and recycle!
Change our habits and use more reusable bottles and sustainable alternatives



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