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 Welcome to the Smurf Rider’s page!

The Smurfs stand together with Surfrider to protect the environment – because the environment is smurf for all of us!


Schtroumpfrider planche de surf

We all love to smurf our holidays on the beach. But the ocean and the coasts are today threatened by pollution, climate change, and coastal construction. We want to smurf Surfrider to protect them, and we are going to tell you how!

Game: The Sea Is Rising!

In the game ‘The Sea Is Rising’, you can help save the Smurf village from rising sea levels. Sea levels rise because of global warming, and due to the melting of the ice caps.

The game is part of the “Let’s Smurf the Climate” booklet.

Online Games

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Fishing with Smurfrider


Surf and collect marine litter…

Ocean Pairs


Dive down to the seabed and find the ocean pairs.

Submarine Colouring-in


Put some colour into the ocean.

A Sport For Everyone!


Send Smurfrider sarching each item for each sport.

Remember with Smurfrider


Remember various objects with Smurfrider.

Simple Tricks on how to Protect the Ocean

The Smurfs show you what you can do at home to protect the ocean. Ask your parents to follow their advice, too!

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