Surfrider Coastal Defenders, all stakeholders in ocean and coastal conservation

For over 30 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been taking action for ocean and coastal conservation. The NGO’s flagship program which supports citizens against harmful planning projects is getting revamped and rebranded as Surfrider Coastal Defenders (previously Keepers Of The Coast ). New name, new website, but the same drive and determination in the fight for clean water and healthy beaches.


Surfrider Coastal Defenders

Our coasts are constantly subjected to great human induced pressure. Ocean litter, chemical and bacteriological water pollution, and unsustainable coastal developments are actions with disastrous environmental impacts, perpetrated by mankind for far too long.

Surfrider Coastal Defenders ’ mission is to gather a community of volunteer citizens, environmental experts, and legal experts to promote information and experience sharing. The goal is to develop a community capable of defending ocean and coastal interests against any potentially harmful project.

Actions supported by Surfrider

Surfrider Coastal Defenders campaigns are varied and international, covering 3 areas of action with great expertise; marine litter, water quality, and coastal planning and climate change.

There are currently 13 actions in progress in 4 European countries. For each one, a local ‘Defender’ is leading the charge on the ground while receiving regular support from a vast international network. Since the launch of the program in 1995, nearly 70 actions have led to environmental victories thanks to the work and motivation of the Surfrider Coastal Defender community.

As a grassroots organization, Surfrider’s beginning was founded by citizens taking action on the ground. It is through this same human approach that its far reaching chapter network finds its strength today, gathering Defenders, experts and volunteers from over 9 European countries.

Join the Surfrider Coastal Defenders network

As ocean and coastline lovers, water sports fanatics, and passionate citizens, it is our responsibility to protect these natural playgrounds so that we can keep enjoying them now and preserve them for future generations.

When you join the Surfrider community, you join a group of enthusiasts who share common values and are eager to protect their environment. If there is something happening near you or your local beach that you are unhappy about, or if you can share expertise concerning marine litter, water quality or coastal management, don’t hesitate to contact Surfrider and become a Coastal Defender.

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