Surfrider Foundation and Peter Harper are teaming in favour of the oceans on the “Fete de la Musique”

As a new ambassador for oceans, Peter Harper, artist and surfer, is teaming with Surfrider to design an original tee shirt. This tshirt connects both Surfrider’s universe and the artist’s music. For the Fete de la Musique (Music Day), discover an exclusive interview about his relationship with art and ocean. Let’s focus on this musician’s commitment straight from California.

Surfrider X Peter Harper, artist and activist

Sculptor, illustrator, singer and songwriter, Peter is an accomplished artist passionate about surfing. By becoming a Surfrider ambassador, on last February, Peter chose to support environmental education programs of the association through the Art Campus.

The Harpers do not need to prove their musical talents, but this interview reveals another aspect of them : their environmental commitment. In this interview, Peter unveils the environmentally friendly education he was given as a child : « Growing, I understood that nothing we have would be worth it if we didn’t have a world to live in and to make the most of. That is the reason why it is necessary to take care of the environment and of the world we are living in. My brothers and I are surfing, yet without Surfrider’s and its volunteers’ work we run the risk of losing our oceans. Making a commitment alongside Surfrifer was therefore natural. »

A new tshirt about music and ocean

This 21st of June, Surfrider presents a tee shirt designed by Peter Harper as a symbol of his commitment for environment and his passion for music. The Surfrider logo is drawn by the lyrics of his song entitled The Sun Does Shine. The originality of this tee shirt lies in the alliance of music and surf, both part of Surfrider’s universe.
Fond of oceans and music or simply wishing to help Surfrider, this unique tee shirt is for you !

Exclusive ! With your order you’ll receive The Sun Does Shine as a legal download for free, gift of Peter.

Peter_harper_tee_m Peter_harper_tee_w


Traduction : Claire Chaufaux