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Our partners

Surfrider Europe is convinced that an in-depth transformation of our society can only be achieved by involving all its actors: citizens, public institutions and companies. For 30 years now, the association has been able to count on its many partners who have chosen to commit themselves to the protection of the Ocean. Any mention of Surfrider Europe or use of the Surfrider Europe logo requires the establishment of a partnership agreement.

Private partners

Strategic partners

Exceptional partners with whom the association has built a solid and lasting relationship, they provide financial support to SFE and raise the awareness of their clients and employees.

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Sponsoring partners

They directly support the projects and campaigns of Surfrider’s 3 areas of work: Marine Litter, Water Quality, Coastal Management and Climate Change

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Donating partners

They support the social mission of Surfrider Foundation Europe by making a donation, by donating a part of their turnover or a percentage of their sales.

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Relay partners

As intermediaries, they encourage their clients to make a one-off donation to the association.

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The ocean is essential for life on Earth. A source of oxygen and food, it regulates the climate and shelters a multitude of ecosystems that are highly threatened by our human activities. Surfrider Foundation Europe works daily with key players to defend this common good for humanity, with the sole aim of triggering real changes at the heart of our societies. The private sector, as a producer of goods, services, wealth but also as an employer, has a key role to play in the protection of the environment and the Ocean.

Becoming a partner of Surfrider Europe is above all to adhere to the values of the NGO and its mission to defend the Ocean today and for future generations, in particular through a strong Corporate Social Responsibility policy, as well as in a process of improvement of its activity.

Beyond a financial support to its social mission, projects and campaigns, Surfrider Europe wishes to co-construct with companies and foundations a global partnership based on the commitment and awareness of its customers and employees, but also to accompany them in the development of practices more respectful of the environment and the ocean in order to promote ecological transition.

Becoming a Surfrider Europe partner is above all a human adventure with strong values such as passion, respect and sharing. 

Public partners

Our institutional and public partners

Surfrider is supported by local public partners, government partners and European partners.

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