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Frequently Asked Questions

Surfrider Europe answers your most frequently asked questions about the different ways to support us.

Any questions about the different ways to support us? The answer is probably here.


Who can become a General Assembly member?

Anyone who shares our values and wants to get involved in the association’s life and governance can become a member of Surfrider Foundation Europe. To join our G.A. members, you must fill out the online membership form and pay a fee of 25 €.

What are my rights and duties as a G.A. member?

The G.A. member reinforces the representativeness of the association on its claims to the institutions at national and European level.

As a G.A. member of Surfrider Foundation Europe, you are a spokesperson for the ocean and you commit to do your part to protect it.

As a G.A. member, you agree to receive information from us and support our mobilisations.

As a G.A.  member, you participate and vote in our General Assembly.

As a G.A. member you receive your member sticker and you get a 10% discount on our online store.

As a G.A. member you must have your membership fee up to date.

How long is my membership fee valid ?

Membership shall be tacitly renewed each year on 1 January. It is lost during the year at the request of the person concerned, or automatically for failure to pay the membership fee.

Each year in January, a call for membership fees will be sent to you to renew your G.A. membership.

Why do I have to pay a membership fee of 25€?

The membership fee covers the application fee and the member’s welcome pack. The 25€ also covers the costs of organising the governance circles.

Is a donation of 25€ equivalent to a membership fee?

Being a donor provides essential support to our association. Although they can be combined, donations and membership fees are two distinct approaches.

To become a member, it is necessary to fill out our membership form and pay the membership fee of 25€.

I just joined, when will I receive my welcome kit?

Our welcome mailings, with your membership card and sticker, take about a month to arrive. This is the time needed to consolidate all the mailings that need to be done each month.

How do I contact the membership department?

If you have any questions or requests regarding membership, you can contact Nathalie in charge of the membership department:

– By email at ,

– by phone : 05 24 67 12 17,

– by mail to Surfrider Foundation Europe – Membership department – 33 allée du Moura – 64200 BIARRITZ.

Financial accounts

How is my donation used? 

Each year, Surfrider Foundation Europe publishes its annual financial reports to show how donations were used and the actions your donations helped accomplish. Surfrider strives to be transparent, and makes its administrative and financial reports as clear as possible to its members. We are putting here the financial documents, available to download: discover the 2019 annual report. 

Can I make a donation outside of France? 

Yes, online donation is the best way to make a donation outside of France. If you have a bank account in France, you can make a donation with your credit card or by automatic bank transfer by sending us your BIC. 


Can I get a tax deduction by making a donation to Surfrider? 

In France, the tax receipt allows you to benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of the amount of your payment, up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income. The donation entitles you to a tax deduction. If you are a member, your membership fee is also included in your tax receipt and also entitles you to a tax deduction.

In Europe, donors send our tax rescript which is an official document issued by French taxes and which proves that our association is a non-profit organization (at the end of page 4: “Consequently, your defense organization of the Natural Environment can be qualified as general interest “). Please contact your tax center.

To know more, discover specificities in each European state

How can I get a copy of my tax receipt? 

By sending us an email at , phone (+33 5 24 67 12 17) or by mail at Surfrider Foundation Europe – 33 allée du Moura – 64200 BIARRITZ – FRANCE.

Questions about my donation

How can I make a donation if I do not want to use my credit card to pay online? 

If you do not wish to make a donation from our website, you still have the possibility to make one with a one-time bank transfer by filling the « I confirm my BIC » form on the donation webpage and then sending it to us by mail at Surfrider Foundation Europe – Service adhésion – 33 allée du Moura – 64200 BIARRITZ – FRANCE.

Is online donation truly secure?

Our website is 100% secure. All bank information is encrypted thanks to SSL protocol. All personal information is not stored on our computer systems. We would gladly answer your questions at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us by email at: .

Can my information be used or given to a third-party? 

The Surfrider Europe website site can be brought to collect information concerning you: e-mail address, complete address and phone number at the time of your subscription to the newsletter or of your membership. This information is the object of an IT processing intended to answer your request. The Surfrider association is the only addressee of these data and will not transfer these data to third parties.

According to the law «computing and liberties» of January 6th, 1978 modified in 2004, you benefit from a right of access and from a rectification to the information which concerns you. You can exercise this right by writing us or calling us: 

Surfrider Foundation Europe
33 allée du Moura
64200 Biarritz – France
Tél : +33 5 24 67 12 17
Email :  

You can also, for justifiable motives, oppose to the data processing on you and so to decide to deactivate any future communications by means of a link inserted at the end of each of our e-mails.

Why do you want me to become a donor? 

To carry the voice of the ocean with us!

Our lobbying work (to change laws) relies mainly on donations from individuals. By supporting us financially, you give us the means to act with even more independence in our fight to protect the ocean. Small or big, punctual or regular, each donation counts to make our association and its projects live.

By becoming a donor of Surfrider Foundation Europe, you encourage us to continue our efforts, you help us to go even further and you reinforce our legitimacy.

I just joined as a member, when will I get my welcoming kit? 

Delivery time of our welcoming kit, including the membership card and sticker, is approximately a month. It represents the time needed in order to group our mail shipment. 

How can I stay informed without receiving paper mail? 

For the sake of the environment, from now on, all publications will be digital. To still get our publications, send us an email at the following address:  and be sure to give us your first name and last name. 

How can I inform you of my address’ change? 

Send us your new mailing address by email at , by phone call (+33 5 24 67 12 17), or mail at Surfrider Foundation Europe – 33 allée du Moura – 64200 BIARRITZ – FRANCE or by simply changing your information in your membership account. 

I chose the automatic bank transfer and my bank information changed. What do I do? 

Send us your new BIC by email at or by mail at Surfrider Foundation Europe – 33 allée du Moura – 64200 BIARRITZ – FRANCE before the 20th of the month in order for it to be efficient the following month. 

Indeed, if we are not informed of your change of coordinates your debits will be rejected. Please note that bank rejections entail costs for our association, so we count on your reactivity and cooperation to inform us quickly.

How do I withhold or stop the automatic bank transfer?

You can stop it any time by simply sending an email at , or by phone call +33 5 24 67 12 17 or mail at Surfrider Foundation Europe – 33 allée du Moura – 64200 BIARRITZ – FRANCE before the 20th of the month in order for it to be efficient the following month. 

Didn’t find the answer to your question? 
Contact us at the following address: or by phone +33 5 24 67 12 17.