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Support us

You wish to fight for the protection of the Ocean and give sense to your engagement?

The way in which you can back our actions are numerous and each and everyone can contribute towards our fight in accordance with their means.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surfrider Europe answers your most frequently asked questions about the different ways to support us.

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Become a member

Joining Surfrider Foundation Europe is a way to get involved by participating and voting in the association’s governance circles.

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Your donation is essential to us, this helps us to continue our actions for the protection of the ocean. Each gift gives us the necessary means to act more efficiently.

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Become a partner

As indicated in our CSR report, we clearly announce our willingness to collaborate with certain companies, provided they have a sincere and sustainable approach to progress and take into account their Social Responsibility.

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Surfrider Blue

Surfrider Blue is an influential activist collective aiming to support and share Surfrider’s battles.

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Organize a collection

You wish to organize an event and promote our cause? You can back us on a large scale! Our dedicated page to fundraising events allows you to collect donations on line for the benefit of our Association.

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Solidarity Savings Scheme

It is a way to give a meaning to your capital by converting your returns into a purpose. Adopt Solidarity Saving and give an ethical dimension to your savings by sustaining Surfrider Foundation Europe’s projects.

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Defend our values

Be proud to show the values you defend and your membership to the Surfrider Community with our Eco-responsible products and our range of clothes.

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