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Landunvez, France

In the autumn of 2022, we were repeatedly alerted to significant and regular bacteriological pollution on Penfoul Beach in Landunvez (29). Confirmed by our tests, this pollution regularly exceeds the thresholds permitted by French regulations, posing a risk to the environment and users of this beach. Surfrider is now fighting for the restoration of good bathing water quality in this area.

The defenders

The defender is a resident of Landunvez. He takes samples on a regular basis and attends discussions with various local stakeholders. He also works in good cooperation with several local associations sharing similar objectives of stopping pollution. This case also interests our local Surfrider group in Finistère.

Environmental status

Surfrider’s samples in the bathing area and in the watershed indicate regular pollution of the beach and stream, with regular legal threshold exceedances. Our results from the summer of 2023 show average to poor bacteriological water quality, especially after rainfall. We are investigating several potential sources of pollution, all of which must be taken seriously by the authorities: failures in non-collective and collective sanitation, overgrazing, agricultural spreading, etc.

Our requests

We want to see the restoration of good bathing water quality at this site. Since June 2023, Surfrider has been participating in the bathing water quality steering committee of the Pays d’Iroise, along with dozens of stakeholders including elected officials, experts, representatives from the agricultural sector, and environmental protection associations. In 2024, Surfrider will continue to monitor the impact of these pollutions on bathers, their origin, and their extent, and will alert the public if the measures taken are not sufficient.