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Le Havre, France

The landfill of Dollemard is slowly releasing its 13 000 truckloads of waste into the English Channel. Now is the time for solutions to coastal and riverine landfills breaking down.


This is one of the most urgent campaign we have ongoing. The Seine Bay and the English Channel areas are threatened by 3 million cubic meters of household and industrial waste eroding out of the cliff. 400 000 tons, or 13 000 truckloads, of waste from the city of Le Havre, have been dumped into this coastal landfill over the past 60 years. The landfill is composed of 3 main waste dumps one for metal, one for plastic and the last one for the rest. Our goal is to excavate the landfill.


Lots of environmental organizations and locals have gathered around the issue. A collective of citizens formed by Surfrider contains the groups (Ecologie pour le Havre, France Nature Environnement, SeaMer Asso, SOS Mal de Seine, and the collective Netoyer la plage du Havre), and they are ready to act!


Our coastal defender observed an avalanche of waste coming from this landfill with every high tide and storm event. By 2050, these 13 000 truckloads of waste will have all fallen into the English Channel, and it is affecting everyone.


The environmental code (Article L. 556-3) explains that the previous owners or a subsidiary entitled owner of the site are responsible for the rehabilitation of the polluted site. Unfortunately, the state and regions remain inactive, although the owners of the area have been identified.


A clear action plan, from the surrounding municipalities and support from Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to completely excavate this landfill for the beaches, the ocean, and their users.