About us

Protect the ocean and all users

Surfrider Foundation Europe is an environmental not-for-profit organisation which “aims at defending, saving, promoting and managing in a sustainable manner the ocean, the coastline, waves and the people who enjoy them”. Throughout its existence it has acquired strong environment skills and developed real expertise in environmental education. Having now gained recognition at European and international level, Surfrider has also become a key player in European influential networks on such matters.


A European community born out of a handful of surfers

Surfrider memories Created in 1990 by surfers who wanted to protect their environment, Surfrider Foundation Europe now counts among its members people from all walks of life all sharing a common passion for the ocean and concern about protecting the coastline.

It brings together a network of 1,700 volunteers, 10,500 members and 120,000 supporters gathered around local chapters working across Europe.

Our objective? Protect the oceans, the coastline and all users

Whether it be through educative and awareness actions, local activism or lobbying work more generally, Surfrider’s purpose remains the same:

to make an active contribution to true social and ecologically responsible change.

A recognised environmental and educational expertise

Surfrider’s action not only aims at raising public and children awareness about ocean preservation, but also acting at legal and legislative levels. In such cases Surfrider positions itself as real intermediary to bring forward the expectations of civil society, an interface between its members and volunteers on one hand, and institutions on the other.

An action built around 5 topical areas

The association’s expertise on these programs is recognised not only at French and European levels but also internationally. After successfully gaining the authorisation by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy to sit on national advisory bodies, Surfrider Foundation Europe was also accredited by UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) in 2012. The association also sits on the CESE (French Economic, Social and Environmental Council) and since 2013 on the CNTE (French Council for Ecological Transition), a forum for dialogue. In France, the latter is namely consulted on draft legislation regarding environmental or energy issues, as well as national strategies related to sustainable development, biodiversity and development of social and ecological corporate responsibility.

An efficient initiative approach to contribute to social change

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Surfrider Fondation Europe

Contribute to the creation and enforcement of EU policies tending to resolve environmental issues.

Build an environmental expertise both empirical and scientific in collaboration with the association’s actors involved on the ground on one hand, and European networks on the other hand in order to serve its demands and increase knowledge for decision-making.

Engage social change through innovative educational and communications programs.

Act as go-between by encouraging dialogue between the different parties on environmental issues, whether they be political, institutional, industrial, citizen…