Our campaigns

For over 25 years Surfrider Foundation Europe has been protecting, saving and enhancing the oceans and the people who enjoy them. Every day we act to fight against infringements made to the coastal environment and its users.

Protect the oceans and their users


Erosion, coastal development and pollutions, threats against the coastline are increasingly growing and intensifying.

Climate change and demographic pressure on coastal areas are further weakening the coastal strip day after day. Today it is urgent to anticipate the growing consequences they have on our coastlines :

  • Coastal erosion, sea-levels rise, coastal floods, beaches disappearance…
  • Coastal development through defensive fortifications, transport or energy infrastructures for mitigation and adaptation needs due to climate change leading to possible conflicts of use;
  • Pollutions and destruction of ecosystems: negative impacts on biodiversity and health.


Protect the oceans

Education at the heart of Surfrider’s action

Eduquer citoyen environnement

Since its creation Surfrider strongly believes in education and teaching methods to assist in a relevant way the environmental, economic and social changes. In order to fully take part in such responsible and citizen ecological transition, the organisation has created innovative programmes in education for sustainable environment to give everyone the opportunity to comprehend how complex current environmental challenges are and to fully become part of the changing process.

Educate citizens