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Sailing toward sustainable shipping with Green Marine Europe

On June 27th, 2022, the new laureates for the Green Marine Europe label were revealed. The label has now 13 laureates including CMA CGM, rewarding shipowners for their commitment to an ecological and sustainable transition. On this occasion, let’s highlight the importance of shipping, a key sector when protecting the Ocean. 

What is the Green Marine Europe Label ?

The Green Marine Europe label is born from a partnership between Green Marine and Surfrider Europe. It offers a detailed frameword for shipowners to measure their environmental impact regarding various criteria, with the goal to reduce it. In the end, a certification is delivered to them.

Ship owners must prove a continuous and measurable improvement, year after year, in order to obtain the certification. Initially, the program addresses priority environmental issues related to air and water quality, biodiversity protection and waste management. Today, the program has eight performance indicators, with scores ranging from 1 (regulatory compliance) to 5 (excellence, leadership).

You can find the details of the evaluations of each shipowner on the Green Marine Europe website.


The fleet is growing

For its third year of evaluation, Green Marine Europe is proud to count 13 shipowners, representing a total fleet of 323 vessels. In addition, two other shipowners are waiting for the external evaluation to obtain the label. In 2021, there were 11 shipowners for 85 vessels. With the arrival of CMA CGM under the label’s colors, the container transport sector is also opening up to more sustainable and responsible shipping practices. The panel of players is expanding and with it the possibilities of implementing profound changes in the shipping industry on a larger scale.

Green Marine Europe is the result of a collective emulation on the issue of sustainable shipping – shipowners, government representatives, administrations, NGOs, European experts from civil society. The diversity of the shipowners who have recently applied for certification bears witness to this mobilization in Europe: leaders in European and international maritime transport, pioneers in sailing transport, innovative players in the fight against plastic pollution at sea, etc.” – Antidia CITORES, Surfrider Foundation Europe

Evolving together towards a sustainable maritime world

The environmental certification process of Green Marine Europe is rigorous and transparent with a desire to engage the actors of the maritime world in this change of model.

Green Marine Europe is built as a tool capable of accompanying shipowners to facilitate the monitoring and improvement of their environmental performance on a European scale. The environmental certification program encourages leadership and long-term commitment from companies to improve their environmental performance in a continuous improvement process and a strong impact.

To learn more about the label and encourage a sustainable environmental transition of the shipping industry, visit the Green Marine Europe website.

Discover the 2021 performance report to better understand this European label and its evolution.