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Just 1 Thing, all great change begins with a simple act

We have just one planet, one ocean, and one chance to reverse the trend. With "Just 1 Thing", Surfrider Europe, in collaboration Willie Beamen, presents the idea that it is up to each one of us to do just 1 thing in favor of the ocean to reduce pollution, preserve marine biodiversity and limit the effects of global warming.

Surfrider Europe began with Just 1 Thing…and so can you.

In 1990, a first thought followed by a decision to act brought the organization to where it is today.

With the “Just 1 Thing” awareness campaign, Surfrider Europe puts the responsibility of solving ocean pollution in every citizen’s hands. Through a dedicated grassroots community comprised of volunteers, members, and ambassadors, Surfrider Europe calls on every citizen to take the first step. By reducing our personal impacts and adopting simple changes, we will preserve the ocean, step by step. 

A first individual act towards a collective goal

The aim of this campaign is to ease the transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle by encouraging citizens to begin with changing “Just 1 Thing.”

Each year nearly 8 million tonnes of waste are discharged into the ocean. 100% of this waste is human made, therefore we are an integral part of the solution.  The ‘Just One Thing’ campaign follows the “Do Your Part” theory and the hummingbird philosophy co-founded by Pierre Rhabi where even the smallest gesture counts, thus celebrating the commitments of individuals who together have the power to make a lasting difference.

Lead by example with #Just1Thing

Take part in the “Just 1 Thing” campaign by sharing your actions on social media! By joining the movement, you are not only doing the important work, but you also become an ambassador for change and inspire others to do the same. 

Start with simple changes

Every action, every gesture must be designed for our future and the one of generations who will follow.

No matter their size, all actions dedicated to the protection of the ocean contribute to its preservation. These actions should not be complex or intimidating. The idea is to begin your personal transition with small shifts that are within your capacity, and will therefore become second nature almost effortlessly. For instance, replace your dependency on single-use plastics by carrying reusable water bottles or tote bags.

Where would you like to begin? What will be your first act for the environment? Feel free to share your first action on social networks with the hashtgag #Just1Thing to make the difference together.