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Annual Report 2023

The Editorial.

Firstly, we would like to commend the formation of a significantly renewed Board of Directors following the last General Assembly.
Three new female directors have joined this governance body, and the office has been reorganized, including the election of Nathalie Van Den Broeck as the new president.
Also, we wish to pay sincere and warm tribute to Gilles Asenjo, who presided over the organization for 28 years. He expertly guided every phase of the organization’s development while ensuring respect for its history, DNA, and values at every moment. A big thank you to him for all the victories he made possible through his unwavering commitment and leadership in service to the ocean.

As you go through this annual report, you will see that the year 2023 perfectly illustrates the systemic approach used by Surfrider to enhance the impact of its actions.
That is, activating all levers at its disposal to provoke change at all levels. You will naturally discover our advocacy activities with the European Commission (including our campaigns against single-use packaging and microplastics), our work related to the industrial sector (for example, those aimed at reducing pollution related to the use of bio-media and Industrial Plastic Pellets), and our awareness and education efforts for the broader public (with a record mobilization around our Ocean Initiatives program and new educational exhibitions).

You will also find our participation in local battles against proven pollution or harmful projects (such as the Castets surfpark or the judges’ tower for the Olympic surfing events at Teahupo’o) and of course our expert work to develop our knowledge on growing issues (such as the invasive algae Ostreopsis ovata or the ecosystem services of blue carbon).

Furthermore, during the year 2023, Surfrider Europe has continued its efforts to extend our expertise and our battles beyond the borders of Europe. We thus thank Surfrider Portugal, a newly inaugurated national entity at the beginning of the year, which brilliantly organized the 7th edition of the Global Wave Conference. We are also very proud to have supported Surfrider Senegal in the establishment of a beach water monitoring project in Dakar, which lays the foundations and beginnings of a long-term effort to reclaim the good ecological status of waters in Senegal.

And of course, none of this would have been possible without you, without this wonderful community that grows a little more each day and mobilizes for the protection of this ocean essential to our survival.

Thank you, and together, let’s continue the fight!

Nathalie Van Den Broeck, présidente
Florent Marcoux, Directeur Général

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Key Figures.

The association.

2023 was a key year for Surfrider Foundation, marked by significant progress in the development of its federal model and in the implementation of its corporate social responsibility action plan. This period saw the consolidation of Surfrider’s presence across Europe with the finalization of the establishment of the Portuguese entity, as well as a significant advance in the application of social and environmental responsibility principles.

A Crucial Year for Surfrider’s Federal Model

The year 2023 marked a crucial stage in the development of Surfrider Foundation’s federal model, with significant progress made following the implementation of the 2022 complementary investment plan. The completion of the establishment of Surfrider Foundation Portugal was an important milestone, thus completing the network of national legal entities which already includes Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.

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Towards Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility

Surfrider actively implemented its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action plan, developed following the assessment carried out in 2021. The working committee closely monitored the progress of projects in the three key areas grouped under the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

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Surfrider’s action in 2023.

In 2023, the fight against MARINE LITTER and more specifically plastic pollution remained a crucial priority for Surfrider, underlining the urgent need to act in the face of this growing threat to our oceans and marine biodiversity.

WATER QUALITY AND USER HEALTH is a central theme for Surfrider Foundation. In 2023, it was the focus of growing interest among both volunteers and national bodies. The Expertise and Lobby teams also worked hard to promote measures to improve bathing water quality.

In 2023, Surfrider Foundation stepped up its commitment to COASTAL DEVELOPMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE and, in particular, to the energy transition, especially around marine renewable energies, underlining its support for the fight against climate change.

Local Actions.

Report 2023.

Surfrider Foundation is continuing to build on the momentum it established more than 3 years ago, and has seen its budget increase significantly in 2023.
This growth has been kept under control, enabling us to maintain a positive operating result and further consolidate our associative funds, our balance sheet and our macroeconomic indicators more generally.

Use of resources (total 2023)

Use of resources generated by the generosity of the public (2023)