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The association.

2023 was a key year for Surfrider Foundation, marked by significant progress in the development of its federal model and the implementation of its social responsibility action plan. This period saw the consolidation of Surfrider’s presence across Europe with the finalisation of the establishment of the Portuguese entity, as well as significant progress in the application of the principles of social and environmental responsibility.

Each entity has made notable progress.
In Germany, the development of an action plan for 2024 and the organisation of events and grant applications were successfully completed.
In the Netherlands, the team expanded and stepped up its partnership and fundraising efforts. In Portugal, the focus was on event management, as demonstrated by the successful organisation of the Global Wave Conference. Finally, in Spain, fundraising, through telemarketing initiatives, and the development of partnerships were prioritised and placed at the heart of the strategy.

At head office, targeted recruitment has made it possible to provide direct administrative, financial and legal support to the business units. This support was reinforced by collective meetings enabling the entities to share their experiences and discuss specific subjects. The entities also benefited from support in applying for national grants and communication strategies.

At the end of 2023, the meetings organised with each entity showed considerable progress in terms of their action plans and budgets. By continuing to monitor their financial prospects and supporting them through the investment plan, Surfrider Foundation continues to strengthen its capacity to develop local actions on a European scale and to reinforce its impact at national level.

On the environmental front, significant progress has been made, including the introduction of composting instructions, collaboration with Tree6Clope to manage cigarette butts, and the organisation of seven actions and workshops to raise staff awareness.
On the social front, workshops were held in January 2023 for all staff on psychosocial risks, which are now incorporated into annual appraisals and the human resources induction process. The signing of the Diversity and Respect Charter by volunteers and staff also marked a strong commitment, and the second Duo Day was introduced.

The NGO has also continued to train its employees in shared governance, including, since this year, a third level of training.
A major effort has been devoted to improving shared governance processes, with clarification of the responsibilities of the Strategic Committee and Thematic Commissions, and the recruitment of first links (responsible for implementing guidelines and strategies) with more clearly defined responsibilities.

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